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“Great things in marketing are never done by one person. They’re done by a team.”

Mr. P Mediaworks achieves success through the unified efforts of its adroit creative team. Perfectly balanced with a blend of talent and experience, Mr. P serves as the home of new revolutionary ideas and imaginative creations, streamlined and filtered through logical viewpoints and rational marketing strategies.

As a creative family, every member works in synergy with each other, understanding the needs and views that originate from different minds. This dynamic internal relationship gives way to progressive strategies that have long been impacting the industry, and raising the standards of effective brand communication.

Through the 7 years of its existence, Mr. P has formed many professional relationships with industry stalwarts and taken them to their fruitful conclusion. Every project is the brainchild of coalesced team efforts, and every successful story brings joy to one and all, encouraging us towards a brighter and bigger future, every step of the way.


Sandeep Tyagi

VFX Expert

With an experience of 7 years in the industry, Sandeep has an impeccable eye for detail and an unparalleled technical know-how that brings out the best of brands in visual stories. With a wide sphere of industry experience, he has worked for various national and international prestigious projects, some of which include Harry Potter, Inception, Star Wars, Narnia, Men in Black, Shrek, and Ra-one to name a few.


Nagendra Singh

Senior Developer

A cool and composed personality, his focus on discipline empowers his work to be top of the line within set deadlines. His specialisation seeps into the making of advanced websites ranging from static, responsive, dynamic to the good old e-commerce. Nagendra has an impressive list of delighted clients from diverse industries in his 5 years of developing, including Swiss 360, Ratan, B Lal, Dhanuka, Evershine, ShobhaCraft, Souvenir and Idli to name a few.



Visual Director

A seasoned design professional, Jitendra’s creative streak and sense of humour are a product of his ‘take it easy’ perspective of life. The king of versatility, he has been an integral part of the industry since 2002. In his over fifteen years of experience, he has witnessed the coming and going of innumerable market trends and design cultures. His confidence in coming up with a unique design viewpoint for every creative rubs off on the design team in highly productive ways. Having worked for stalwart brands such as Hyundai, Volkswagen, Marriott, Kayakalp, Vasansi, FICCI, Motisons, and Unique Builders, he is a constant source for inspiration and learning to all budding designers.


Deviyani Sharma

PR Specialist

A progressive thinker and curious personality, she loves challenges. Deviyani is obsessed with the small details that go into the making of the big picture, be it managing a celebrity endorsement or handling a brand’s vision for PR. Having graduated in Digital Media and Communication from University of Westminster, London, she has a strong background in digital marketing complemented by a specialization in commercial photography from School of Visual Arts, New York.


Saksham Teri

Creative Communications Expert

The word wizard of the house, his love for words and the magic they spew goes a long way in telling compelling brand stories. From digital content to brand tag lines to a wide spectrum of creative writing, his insightful experiences in the industry enable him to take creative leads, ensure effective communication, and see projects through to their logical conclusion. He specialises in envisioning the future of brands and contributing to the making of effective, long term strategies.


Sudarshan Sharma

Digital Expert

A tech-savvy, fun loving guy, Sudarshan is the go to person for every digital fix. His work in SEO, SMO, ORM, PPC, and Digital spans over a period of 7 years. He specialises in optimising results through smartly strategised targeting and providing real-time insightful analytics that deliver cost effective results. His dedication towards gaining ranking results and demanding the best out of everyone else is the secret behind Mr. P’s industry leading digital solutions.