Now that you’ve started out on your own, what you need is the best advice from the best expert. So you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to startups, the first and foremost requirement for the establishment of a successful business is a marketing strategy. It is a common startup scenario wherein financial constraints are abound when it comes to setting up a marketing budget, and money only comes in through customers. But, customers come in only through marketing, especially when you’re a new name in the crowd.


To solve this conundrum, you need to open your mind beyond the expensive traditional methods of marketing and set your eyes on the new and powerful field of social media marketing. As a marketing practice, the fundamentals of social media are fairly easy to understand even for newcomers. As a budding entrepreneur, you know exactly what I’m talking about. There is a great chance that you yourself are a big socialite on your Facebook or Twitter. Even if you’re not, social media is no rocket science. In fact, around the world, the marketing rage of the moment are digital campaigns that are created through various social media, and a majority of them are a great success. If planned well, a social media campaign can utilize the viral nature of the Internet, as well as its far-out reach. This can, in turn, convert to profitable payoffs for your startup.

SAVE CAPITALInvest in marketing

Money is everything, and everything is money. Isn’t that why you’ve started your own business? Now, how about a marketing technology that not only saves you money but also brings in customers who are your money? The most prominent benefit of basing your initial marketing campaign on digital marketing and social media is the comparatively low amount of capital it requires. As a blooming businessman, every entrepreneur understands the immense importance of money. In this stage, every penny saved is a penny earned. In such a scenario, it is quite impractical of startups which turn to expensive print or TV campaigns even if they have a solid investment. This is why social media can be called a startup’s best friend.


Digital Marketing Structure

(A trend of spending on digital marketing is on the rise, while that on traditional media is falling.)


Another very valuable contribution that social media sites and apps can make to your business is the factor of measurable results that they bring in. With social media, you can measure the exact reach of your campaign and take well-informed decisions when allocating future marketing budgets. You can decisively comprehend which social sites are suiting you better, and which ones need a cost cut.


Confess it! The real reason you’ve begun on your own is because you can’t stand being smothered. What you’ve always wanted is the freedom to try what you think will work, and social media gives you just that! With social media marketing one has the upper hand of creativity and trying new and experimental things without running a great risk of reputation harm. This is so because whenever you decide to go out of the box, the initial results are immediately available to you nearly in real time, and that helps in warning you in case the audience is being distracted or if the campaign concept is too absurd for your target market. Unlike traditional mediums such as TV or print, here you can withdraw posts and content which you may have second thoughts about. And second thoughts are the norm of every startup as it gropes for experience in today’s cut throat market. In this manner digital media marketing is also a more risk averse practice that serves startups very well.


HIT THE BULL’S EYE Digital Marketing Strategy

Last but not the least, with the help of the digital world, one can narrow down on their target audience with a much greater accuracy than is possible in any other marketing medium. The benefits of this characteristic of social media extend not only to the exclusion of unwanted audience, but also to capital saving. You can decide how much you pay depending upon the approximate number, region and demographic that you want to target.