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The Smoothie Factory

As a premier five-star property, Jaipur Marriott Hotel is renowned for its distinguished service and hospitality. Looking to create a summer buzz, Marriott hired us to design for them a campaign focusing on an additional menu of smoothies to give their customers an enjoyable relief from the heat. This range of products was unique in the sense that it provided not only a collection of sensual flavors, but also an uncompromising health factor.

Considering this line of thought, we planned a campaign that would be so tempting that it would draw customers in the first look. To achieve this, we executed a highly artistic photo-shoot of their products and designed the photos to make them look undeniably mouthwatering. These were aptly modified and placed on various platforms ranging from hoardings, social media, to newspaper ads and more. We also provided creatives to be placed in various locations inside the hotel to attract the residing crowd of loyal customers.

Based on an impeccable aesthetic thought, we created the all new additional menu to enhance the unique propositions of their smoothies. This menu was designed after much deliberation and clarity of vision to suit the demands of the client. The list of items on the menu was artistically synced with appealing graphics to create an overall mesmerizing effect.

Eventually, the entire campaign and the look of the menu became so popular that not only did Marriott attract a multitude of customers, but they also continue using the same menu today because of its sure-shot success.

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