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The Story

“Every journey begins with a small step, and we are the bridge that takes you high above, across the valleys of risk and failure, towards a long lasting success.”


In 2010, Mr. P mediaworks was conceived with the idea to help traditional businesses to take a leap into mainstream marketing with effective strategies and thoughtful communication. Soon enough, Mr. P started to exceed the clients’ expectations with ground breaking ideas, technology and creativity.

With its continued commitment to always surpass client expectations, Mr. P has been adaptive and proactive to gauge the changing market behavior for the advantage of its clientele. With its deep insight in various marketing mediums, and a strong and experienced team, Mr. P has been able to carve out a niche amongst the market leaders across industries.

Mr. P has lived up to its reputation of Integrity and fulfilling time bound commitments on every occasion. It is the passion for learning and evolving with every project that has given Mr. P a distinct reputation and a credible name in the sphere of Marketing.

Over the years, Mr. P has honed its skills and deepened its know-how in the field of Digital Marketing to ensure that its customers get the maximum advantage while others are yet to understand the shift towards the digital era.

During its journey, Mr. P has had the opportunity to turn mere names into brands, ventures into success stories, ideas into bustling businesses. This happened because of its perseverant efforts to keep its clients at the forefront, with its most powerful and robust strategies every single time. Mr. P hence has been the obvious choice for major brands across the board.

Within a span of 7 years of its existence, Mr. P boasts a client base of over 350 across the globe. And this is where we start afresh every day, to write an exciting chapter in the life of a new brand.