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Walking the obvious route was never the choice so we landed up constructing one for ourselves. A route which allowed us to juggle around with steller designs and experiment with technology to do what others said was "IMPOSSIBLE".






We don't create phenomenal marketing campaigns to satisfy our appetite for meritorious communication.
That's not what what we strive for!
We Study, We Analyse, We maneuver our client's message to make it nothing less than "PERFECT" to ensure those Thumping results.










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Jaipur Marriott Hotel (Print)

We designed creatives showcasing Marriott's, wedding campaign. The marketing collateral consisted of Signage, Brochure, Print Ads, etc.


Upasna Group (Print)

Brochure and marketing material for Upasna’s modern luxury apartments.

Eggless Cake Delights

Eggless Cake Delights (Web, Print)

From logo to corporate stationary and website, we gave end to end solution for this online business based in the UK.

Unique Builders

Unique Builders (Web, VFX)

We re-vamped the corporate persona of Unique Builders through its modern, sophisticated and functional website. The same vibe was carried forward in their TV Commercials.

NIMS University

NIMS University (Print)

Complete makeover for NIMS university through a sophisticated, prospectus design and photo shoot.


Upasna Group (Print)

Yet another real estate brochure for Upasana group.

Jewels Emporium

Jewels Emporium (Web, Print)

Awe inspiring photography and print advertisements, for the jewellery that deserves nothing less.


Zoja (Print)

Corporate Identity which includes the logo, letterheads and envelopes for an international jewellery designer.

Upasna Group

Upasna Group (Web, Print)

We brought freshness, life and strong visibility to the group’s existing corporate identity and modernized its appeal. The same spirit of youth is carried out in their new website as well.

Step By Step

Step By Step International School (Print)

The logo for SBIS and its prospectus was designed keeping in mind the interesting castle architecture and the philosophy of the institution.

Trunks Company

Trunks Company (Web, Print)

We developed a classis website for the most exquisite and luxury trunk manufacturers. The Website had many groundbreaking technical implementations. We also had the privilege to work for print creatives and photo shoots.

Tanmay Jindel

Tanmay Jindel (Web)

A dynamic e-commerce website for a solid internet business was created. Along with the corporate identity, the product and model photo shoot was also carried out.


Sophia203 (Print, VFX)

Innovative Presentation videos animation films were produced for the super creative accessory design brand SOPHIA 203. We also created, Product Catalogue, Emailer and some marketing collateral.


Esiya LTD. (Web, Print)

A fusion of upbeat and colonial logo and website design were created, for a fashion design agent based in the UK.


Upasna Group (Print)

A brochure for a luxury project located in the heart of Jaipur city was designed.


JKD Perl India Developers (P) LTD. (Web, Print)

An innovative, ultra premium brochure was designed and fabricated to perfection for a residential project in Alwar city.

Gem Gallery

Gem Gallery (Print)

Logo, signages and print creatives were designed as per the clients requirements.

Aurelius Resort & Spa

Bardiya Group (Print)

A compact brochure was created for a luxurious Resort and Spa, the photo shoot was also carried out to match its grandness.

M Mania

Jaipur Marriott Hotel (Print)

Creative and marketing collateral was designed for Marriott Jaipur to promote and market the most exclusive and biggest new year party in Jaipur City.

The Diva Club

Jaipur Marriott Hotel (Print)

A month long event with renowned female DJ's from all over the country was organized; marketing collateral including flyers, passes, billboard signages, newspaper advertisements, etc. were designed for the same.

After Hours

Jaipur Marriott Hotel (Print)

We designed the marketing collateral to promote a series of Saturday night parties organized by hotel Marriott Jaipur.

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“Planning without Execution is Futile, Execution without Planning is Fatal”

We complete the circle of Planning and Execution by strategizing the way your message Looks, Sounds and establishes a Bond with your target audience. As the core of it remains how well our clients can “Out-Invest” and “Out-Execute” their competition while achieving Sustainable Growth.




Perfect blend of Design,

Interactivity and Functionality!

It’s beyond the stunning looks, highly interactive interface or user friendliness that we emphasize. With our state-of-the-art technological know-how and e-commerce solutions, we take utmost care while addressing to our client’s online security issues and ensure hassle free cross-browser and multi-platform functionality. While doing all this, we don’t forget to keep maintenance easy with “Logic” CMS.

VFX & 3D

Just count on us, we will bring every idea of yours to life and every dimension we render would add a new perspective to your imagination.


There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.

— Milton Glaser

It’s easier said than done! Right from the Conceptualization, every detail weighs equal; which is why Stylizing, Typography, Visual arts and Layouting are perfected by Mr. P to ensure that “WOW” while echoing the client’s communication.


The best of technical expertise, an in-house full fledged commercial photography studio, a network of the best professional photographers in the nation and from Hollywood. Our photography enhances your products and the overall brand image to inexplicable dimensions.




Whether it’s an audio-visual, a documentary, a corporate film presentation, a television commercial, a feature or an art initiative, we produce the best of filmed content backed up by in-house post production facilities. We also provide crew, shooting equipment and production line on rent and have our post-production services available on contractual hire.

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do what


love what u do

Do what you love, love what you do is the DNA of Mr. P. In order to come up with out of the box ideas you must fall in love with your work and that’s exactly what you need to be a part of Mr. P.


Business Development Manager will be responsible for building market position by locating, meeting, negotiating and developing business relationships.Candidate must be highly self-driven/motivated having excellent product knowledge and interpersonal skills.

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graphic designer

A graphic designer/Visualizer will be responsible for creating contemporary, marketing oriented artwork for huge variety of products and activities, such as websites, advertising, books, magazines, posters, product packaging, exhibitions and displays, corporate communications and corporate identity.

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Website Developer

Web developers are responsible for optimizing and maintaining websites and applications; making information accessible and appealing. Assessing the structure, appeal, purpose and security remains the prime responsibility while building any website.

fulltime profile

Video - Editor


A film/video editor's responsibility includes producing recorded raw material into a finished product which is suitable for broadcasting. Material includes camera footage, voice over, sound effects, graphics and special effects.

Copywriters will be responsible for generating the words, slogans and audio/video scripts that accompany advertising visuals. To work based on client’s brief to conceive, develop and produce effective advertising campaigns. They will also be involved in writing text for web advertising, as well as scripts for radio jingles and TV commercials.

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The Distinguished Ones

For all this time they kept themselves confined to mere “GOOD” until Mr. P gave their taste buds a slice of “The BEST”. On exploring further, they were served a platter of the most memorable logos, interactive websites, mesmerizing artworks, vivacious films to be cherished for a lifetime and a lot more.

400 Gurunanakpura, Raja Park, Jaipur-302004

India:     +91 809 4444 609
U.K.:      +44 870 8200 302
France:   +33 975 1899 90
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